August 16th, 2011

Op Tech Glitch #2

O yeah.

Anyone forgotten this li'l blast from ze past?? (I haven't.)

"i don't think anything we could do would ever drive off otg permanently"
-- alice_anon in this thread way back when

ETA: So, did you guys eventually open up the hate cannons on her too and/or plan a giant toxic grudgepost like you were gonna do with writinchica2k?

Bring on the Ukranian spam comments, femdopes! Or the mindless pre-pubescent "dogpiling", or something else equally ineffectual, whatever ya like. I'll be here.
Op Tech Glitch #2

The lulz just keep right on a-comin'.

From just the past couple pages:

"g2b o_t_g"

"o_t_g hope u less obsessed.mp3"

For the record, and I'll swear to this in court too, haven't posted so much as one ascii character in there since that last little oopsie slipped through hours and hours ago. I never can get enough of how all the shit gets stirred with or without me around, though (and especially how you twonks never, ever seem to catch on when it actually is me posting with the anon option keyed on).

My inner attention ho is just loving all this, hth.


"didn't o_t_g get banned from sf_d for sth/can we just ban him from here for that"

As far as I can tell I'm not officially b&ed from sf_d, just haven't given enough of a fuck to bother dropping any comments over there for a good 7 months now (well, not under this id anyway).