Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Fuck (op_tech_glitch) wrote,
Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Fuck

A Soccer Mom Will Birth The Anti-Christ! NOW Who’s Pro Choice?!?!*

Its dark times that we live in friends, yes indeed it is! The idiots, the norms, the PINKS are breeding at an alarming rate, like rabbits full of Ecstasy and Jack Daniels! I recently had the displeasure of wading waist deep into a pit full of some of the greasiest SUBURBANITES I've ever been tortured with sharing air with. Through some divine wind, or fucked up choice, or Whitey induced comas, I spent an evening in the middle of the 300 richest people in the city. They sat there at their tables, smirking and enjoying their three course dinner of chicken and steak and rubies dipped in JHVH-1's Balls!!! A greasy room full of buSINess jocks, with the typical suits made of money and the trophy wifes full of breast implants and cheap gin. Parading their cheap selves around the room with teeth spilling out of their mouths and the sound of white noise so painful that after a moment your ears begin to pour blood! These people were in this room for one reason and one reason only: to take a chunk out of their mountain of money and throw it at some charity that helps kids not get molested or regrown new limbs or something. Yet for some reason, I stood like a deer in the headlights, frozen in the middle of them….with such a rage and fury inside of myself that the urge to douse them all in gas and light a match was barely contained within the surface.

I've learned a very important lesson in situations like this. Most Subgenii have to wear a mask, a PINK costume sometimes, just to get through moments like this. Those PINKS that surround you secretly fear you, fear of what you might do, might say! All PINKS know exactly who the Subgenii in the room are, for they are all drawn to power. Your YETI heritage leave the strong stink of knowledge and power inside of your skin, oozing out like a thick musk that the NORMS pick up on and are drawn to. They will talk to you, without even knowing why, and it will be your duty to deal with them in one way or another. Yes, you could preach to these PINKS all you fucking want, but their brainwashing is so complete that they would lock you up with the other "threats to their plan." OR they would send you on your little merry way, with a SUBliminal message drilled into your head so deep, that you would wake up and but yourself a new IFONE and MCDONALLDES Breakfast before you even knew what was going on!

These dark, soulless bastards are the most INgenius instruments of the CON, right up there with "reLIEguous" preachers and Bank CEOS! PINKS are everywhere, all over this planet, but friends these are the OVERLORDS of the PINKS, the CON itself that drives the PINKS right along with the SUBGENII alike. The soul has been sucked out of the shell long, long ago, and what remains is a puppet of the big CON selling you on everything they consider "SLACK!"

And The rest of those Un-SAVED PINKS, they'll buy it up for TOP DOLLAR over and over and over again! Boy Bands, Fast Food, Multi-Million Dollar Movies, based on teenage books about "Mutants" finding love! Its not the fact that they DO BUY IT, because I love some Tacos in the middle of the night sometimes, but its WHY THEY BUY IT! They buy it because TV told them that it's for a limited time, and that it's the way to start the morning. We love you, that's why we did this, opening earlier in the morning so you can some by before work and putting morals back into motion pictures. No one stops to think that they're doing this to numb your mind into a false sense of security, of "SLACK" that you don't notice it anymore. Then you blend in with the rest of the PINKS and go back to work, smiling and loving the scraps from the table that the big boss lets you eat!

The Den Of These Creatures of the PINK is all around you. Down the street, next to the school. That's right, I'm talkin about SUBurbia! Friends, this sprawl of faceless placeholders is spreading across the streets and parkways of AmeriKa, with disturbingly fast speed. Houses full of TRUST FUND children spoon fed the BULLSHIT word that every other generation has been fed, turning into the OVERLORDS of the future! These spoiled SUBurbanites will be the angry wave that crashes upon the rocks of the future, and when you're in your hour of need, on your last breath, these SOULLESS MOTHER FUCKERS will be the only people left to turn to….and they'll be busy calculating how much they would lose to plug you back in!!

They spread their stink in thick layers all across this sick landscape, carbon-copy houses with the same family in every house, the only difference being their shirts! They're coming around the corner friends, looking to weed YOUR KIND out of the neighbourhood. Subgenii bring down property value with their wild parties and anti-organization thinking! We're the smears of SHIT all across their brand new white paint job, and no matter what they do, they can't get rid of us all! X-DAY is just around the corner, and as intolerable as the sons of bitches are, when the X-ISTS show up to claim the rest of us….OH, you un-saved, non-dues paying DOOMED are going to have to sit along side these cretins, watching as the SEX SAUCERS take us away to a world where we don't have to pretend to listen to your supermarket tabloid stream of bullshit constantly spewing forth from your mouths! OH, YOULL BE THE FIRST TO FEEL THE SPIKED SOLES OF MY BOOTS WHILE IM STOMPING AROUND ON PINK BODIES!!! "Bob" SAVE US, WE'RE ALMOST HOME!!

Rev. Greg J. Rock, II

Pope Of The DOOMED,

Preacher from the CHURCH of the MONI-$TARY

* Dedicated to those ever-so-wondahful ladies over at sf_d
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