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op_tech_glitch's Journal

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Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Fuck
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I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Especially if it's unintentionally and hysterically entertaining. (Or Carlin's 7 Forbidden Words, whichever.)

My user icons came from XENU!!!!!

(And once you've looked at them, he already pwns your sorry ass......)

"The difference between Heaven and Hell is which end of the pitchfork you're on."
- Rev. Sheldon DeWehr
anomalous proton levels, anthrax infected hippos, antisocial networking, asymmetrical feet, atomic powered unicorn farts, aurelius blackmoore, barack muad'dib obama, because you're a douche!, bible spice, boom shanka, brain eating amoebas, brb googling hippie dickbags, can it you nit!, conjoined twin myslexia, conotoxic hyperspace hit men, cosmically stupid tarts, cthulhu's gigantic horror cock, dang you giant fish-ballooooon!, dimples & assflaps, drunken interpretive dancing, eels up inside ya, existential cunnilingus, face fucking ramen noodles, fists with yer toes, flatulophobia, fried lavatory paper, ganymedean wap-frog croquette, giant muthafuckin' tarantulas, glitter berries, good luck mr. gorsky!, greco-wrestle romaning, hallelujahgobble, hardpore corn, hooray for captain spaulding!, i made assclown juice!, i'm gumby dammit!, jesus riding the tilt-a-whirl, juggalos with hemorrhoids, kick gang green hiney!, know your enema, krusty brand imitation gruel, losing flynn, lunch not launch, malaysian toenail fungus, meconium soup, mewling j. danforth quayle, mondo schlocko, mutant petunias, naboobies, nietzsche pops, okamaa game sphere!, one saliva bubble, onomatopoeiasaurus, ood on the loo, oprah winfrey's yeast infection, pantsing the phelps family, protoglopola slime monsters, pseudofuturism, racist leprechaun ron paul, reagan sucked monkey balls, red matter, regular jimsonweed enemas, rev. bleepo abernathy, rhinoceros scabies, robots shitting babies, rotatable colorectal chases, satan's grandma died, saturday nite skiffy, secondary element is not-brundle, shpadoinkel, slack good livejournal maggoty, smelly sues and stus, snott here mr. schlock!, snozzwangers? vermicious knids?, soylent hipsters, spork fu, subliminal blipvert credit, suck on my h8bong, super old shrimp stench, swiss colony beeflog baybeh, tattoo waxquake clearly!, teenage snail boogers, telediffusion, the box of khyscz, the sins of freck, the smoking rose leaves, third stage spice evolution, totalitarian lentils, turmoil in the toybox, ughathorpswitz, unauthorized marsupial trafficking, unexpected perivale, unprotected poopsex with jellyfish, vegetable oil gnosticism, vyvian you utter bastard!, warble gloaming, welcome to annexia, what's your clearance clarence?, wicked bad naughty zoot, without chemicals he points, wutwut in da butt, z9m9z, zoblotnick broadcasting corporation

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